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Parent Center




Welcome Parents,

At Fletcher, we believe parents are a crucial part of the education of our children. We offer many ways for you to get involved and to learn with us. 

Our Parent Center provides courses for parents.

Two years ago, we were the recipients of a Parent Grant which has provided us with the space, computers, and instructors from Los Angeles College. Join us to learn technology, English, and other community service opportunities.

Join us and enjoy our community and friendship as well as the many ways to cooperate and volunteer at our school.


For more information call           323.254.5246



Dear Parents,
As Superintendent Austin Beutner explained in his October 5, 2020 Letter to the School Community, Los
Angeles Unified School District is offering free COVID-19 tests to all students.
The virus testing program is now underway and it’s time for our school to be tested.
We are asking parents to make an appointment for an initial test now to help us prepare. Read more!



Estimados Padres,
Como explico el Superintendente Austin Beutner en su Carta a la Comunidad Escolar del 5 de octubre de
2020, el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Los Ángeles está ofreciendo pruebas de COVID-19 gratis a todos los
El programa de pruebas del virus está ahora en marcha y es hora de que se hagan las pruebas en nuestra
escuela. leea mas aqui!

parent representative

  Claudia Reyes Navarro Staff